Military Room

This was set up to honor all of the people in this area that served in the military. Because this house celebrates the late 1800’s and early 1900’s timeframe, most of the of the items in this room are related to World War I.  We do have a few other things as well so please scan the room to look around. Notice how narrow the bed is. Have to wonder if a person was restless in their sleep, did they end up on the floor?  One of the most popular things in the room is the photo on the wall. It is a photo of some of the men from this area that served in WW1.  Fortunately someone put the names on the picture so people can come here and they can see if they can find their grandfather and great-grandfather. We also have a copy of that photo rolled up and in the closet, so if someone does find their relative we can take it downstairs and lay it on the printer and make a copy for them. We had a lady here that said that was the first picture of her great-grandfather she'd ever seen. So it's very rewarding when we can help people and connect them with something like this.

Military Room Highlights

Listed below are a few of the items in this room that you may be interested in learning more about.

WWI Photos

World War I photo of men from this area, Company L - 4th Battery comprised of National Guardsmen from the Rhinelander area.  The photo was taken at Ft. Sheldon, Illinois. The names of those men have been added to help family members find their relatives. 

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Note how small the bed is.  By today’s standards this would be considered more of a cot than a bed.  Also note the small size Typewriter located on the table next to the bed.